The Halo TV Adaptation Casts Cortana And Many Other Characters

At long last, Showtime's upcoming adaptation of Halo is coming into focus. The project has been in the works for a very long time, but since the news broke that American Gods alum Pablo Schreiber will portray the iconic role of Master Chief John-117, not much has been revealed. That all changed at Showtime's TCA press tour presentation, though, with several major casting announcements. The biggest is the addition of former Californication star Natasha McElhone, who will play two roles on the se

5 ways ‘WWE 2K17’ is the most realistic ‘Raw’ & ‘SmackDown’ experience yet

With a new "WWE 2K" video game on the horizon, the chance is there for 2K Games to finally replicate the experience of a wrestling fan to tune into "WWE Raw" or "SmackDown Live." Since taking over the WWE video game license in 2013, 2K has struggled to reinvent the franchise after years of former developer THQ letting the series grow stale. RELATED: The Miz gave WWE’s best segment in ages and it wasn’t even on TV Now, with "WWE 2K17," it feels like they may have finally accomplished their obje